Calibration and Asset Management

Your business is unique, and so is your stuff. We understand this, so we’ve built an asset management and calibration software that can track anything and is highly configurable to the way you currently manage your equipment. 

Measure with Confidence

  • Single source to track the health of your measuring instrument

  • Compliant to Quality Management Systems Requirements. 

  • Designed for internal and external calibration tracking 

  • Visual controls and auto escalation to assure only calibrated instrument are available to use

  • Customizable to accept NIST calibration procedures

Keep the Manufacturing Assets up and Running

  • Track your assets real time

  • Mange the equipment spare parts availability risks by setting critical components inventory

  • Smart wizard to build preventive maintenance and Total Productive Maintenance schedule. 

  • Keep track of all emergency maintenance events and the corresponding corrective actions

  • Build-in communication and escalation to assure maintenance actions are not overlooked

  • Connection to Routine to keep maintenance procedures at your fingertip

Measure What Matters 

  • Track machine’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Track and report the Emergency Maintenance costs to make the asset renewal/ overhaul decisions

  • Customized report generator to keep the focus on critical equipment