Quality Control and Traceability Management 

Defect tracking is critical to manufacturing a quality product. Gigbot is the tool your team needs to record, track, and correct defects. Gigbot gives managers and leaders the information they need to make strategic decisions about quality efforts. 

Capture Defects

  • Front-ent users can quickly capture defect data in seconds with our easy to use interface. 

  • Capture all types of defects; Incoming, in process, final, dock audits and suppliers 

  • Missing defect data will be a thing of the past due to negligent reporting using automated escalation and visual management 

Improve Quality

  • Capture, contain, and correct defects before they reach finished goods. 

  • Defect verification means that corrections are verified before they can be resolved. 

  • Simple workflow to Manage MRB Items and make disposition decisions 

Make Strategic Quality Decisions with AI Powered KPIs

  • Detailed reporting shows decision makers strategic data so they can guide their quality efforts

  • Connect Gigbot with Resolve to drive problem solving and continuous improvement

  •  framework. 

  • Connect with Routine to generate inspection checklists and make the QC paperless

  • Real Time KPIs: PPM, Defect per Job, Cost of Poor Quality, MRB, Defects Pareto, Defects Trend Lines

Critical to Quality and Traceability 

  • Track CTQs and log into the Gigbot database

  • Tie CTQ measurements, lot numbers and serial numbers to individual units and work orders for traceability purposes 

  • Easy reporting to identify affected jobs for recall purposes based on measurement tools, suspecting lots and S/Ns

  • Ability to connect to ERPs using API connections